Understanding Bounty Hunters

How Bounty Hunters Work

Our Bounty Hunters have moved to the progressive knockout model. You’ll now scoop half the bounty of a player you KO, directly into your bankroll. The other half goes onto your head. That makes you a juicier target!
Bounty rewards will be credited to your player account instantly as you KO an opponent.

Here’s an example:

Tournament: $10.50 PKO MTT

Splits: $5 prizepool contribution, $5 KO contribution, $0.50 fee

So, let’s say you just entered the tournament. First hand, you KO player B. $2.50 goes to your KO bank which appears in your account balance immediately. The remaining $2.50 goes onto your head.

Bounties will remain in play right up the final Heads Up, where the winner will claim the loser’s bounty as the tournament ends.

Additional bonuses for weekend Bounty Hunter tournaments

Guaranteed prize pools for all tournaments are doubled on Sundays.

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