Understanding Re-Entry

Re-entry tournaments allow players the opportunity to enter an event again after one has already been eliminated from that event.

Difference between a rebuy and a re-entry tournament

In a rebuy tournament, when you rebuy you keep your seat the table. In a re-entry format, you are eliminated from the event and must pay an additional fee as if you were registering for a new tournament, which adds to the prize pool each time.

How do I re-enter?

In tournaments (except for freerolls) when you lose all of your chips, you will be offered the chance to re-enter immediately. If you choose not to re-enter during that window of time, you can also re-enter from the tournament lobby.

Is there a limit to the amount of times a tournament can be re-entered?

Some tournaments will have a limit on the amount of times a player can re-enter. The limit number can vary from one tournament to the next. If there is a limit, it will be visible from the lobby.

Re-entry fee

In a re-entry tournament, each entry is considered a new registration for that event, so the player pays a new fee each time.

Will re-entry tournaments affect staking?

Staking will be affected by this new tournament format. If you bought the action of Player A, the action you bought is only limited to Player A’s first entry.

What tournament types prevent re-entry?

Both private tournaments and freeroll tournaments forbid re-entry.

Identifying a player that has re-entered a tournament

Each re-entry into a tournament is considered a new registration. Re-entered players will be distinguished by a number next to their player nickname in the client.

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