Tournaments - T$ - Understanding Tournament Dollars

Tournament Dollars are a flexible new prize currency available from GGNetwork. T$ can be used to enter any tournament of your choosing. Furthermore, T$ can be used to buy action for staking. T$ can be combined with cash to make up the entry fee for tournaments.

How to earn T$?

You will be able to earn T$ at our new tournament type called 'T$ Builder'. This special tournament runs everyday and its respective prize payout will only be offered in T$. T$ can also be won in giveaways, in lieu of tickets in satellites where you've already won entry or in leaderboards which award T$ prizes.

How to use T$?

T$ will not be used automatically, you have to choose between USD and T$ balance when you click to register in a tournament.

If you use all of your T$, but have yet to fully pay the buy-in, then the remaining amount will be automatically deducted from your cash balance.

With regards to T$ for the purpose of staking, T$ will be converted into cash when crediting it into the seller's account.

Please note that T$ cannot be used together with tournament tickets given any circumstances.

T$ Builder

The T$ Builder is our new type of tournament in which the prize pool is paid out in T$ only! We run the T$ Builder series every 30 minutes with buy-in amounts of $0.25, $0.50, $1 and $2.

Can T$ be used to cover entrance fees for private tournaments?

At this time, payers cannot use T$ to cover their entry fees to private tournaments.

From the tournament lobby in the poker client, you can deselect 'Private Tournaments' using the 'Game Types' panel to the right of the tournament listings to have them filtered out.

Payout structure for tournaments

The payout structure is an auto-payout format with no guarantees. The prize pool will differ based on the total number of registered players.

Can T$ be transferred to other players?

T$ can be transferred to others players in certain regions. 

Can T$ be cashed out?

T$ cannot be cashed out and can only be used for staking and tournament.

Will T$ ever expire?

No T$ will not expire.

Can T$ be used together with tournament tickets?

Tournament Dollars and tournament tickets cannot be used together under any circumstances.

Can T$ be used for cash games?

T$ cannot be used in cash games. You will only find the T$ payment option where it is available for use.

Exchange rate between T$ and USD

One Tournament Dollar is equivalent to the cash amount of $1

Using T$ for every poker variant available on the site

You will only find the T$ options offered where it is available to use, such as the tournament and staking. 

How do you obtain tournament dollars?

Tournament Dollars can be earned through our new tournament type called T$ Builder. This special tournament series runs every 30 minutes at multiple stakes. There’s no fee for the T$ Builder buy-ins and 100% of the buy-in amount is added to the prize pool.

T$ balance section

Your T$ amount will be displayed under your avatar, along with USD balance, C$ balance and any tickets. It will also be shown in the buy-in windows when you register for tournaments.

Minimum amount of players for a T$ Builder Tournament

The minimum amount of players required for a T$ Builder Tournament is  3 players

Late registration period for T$ Builder Tournaments

There is a late registration period of 25 minutes, and the tournaments run every 30 minutes daily.

Is there a fee for the T$ Builder tournaments?

There’s no fee for T$ Builder tournaments so 100% of the buy-in amount is added to the prize pool.

Are any satellites offered for T$ Builder Tournaments?
There are no satellites offered for T$ Builder Tournaments.

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