Understanding All-In Insurance

All-In Insurance is a unique feature that gives you the choice to purchase insurance for the chips you put into the pot when you go all-in.

When you go all-in as the favourite against one other player and you meet certain criteria, you’ll be offered insurance against the next card that’s dealt. If you go all-in on the flop, the insurance will be initially offered for the Turn, while if you go all-in on the Turn the insurance will be offered for the River.

All-In Insurance is available to you when all of the following conditions are met:

  • You are the favorite to win the pot when you go all-in

  • The total pot is at least 10 times the amount of the big blind

  • There are 14 or fewer outs that your opponent can catch to beat you

  • There are only two players remaining in the hand

When one of your insured outs appears on the next street, you will be able to collect your insurance payment right away.

If you take All-In Insurance but win the hand, you win the pot as normal and the All-In Insurance fee (premium) is deducted from the pot when the hand ends.

The mechanics of All-In Insurance are best explained through a diagram, kindly follow the link below for more information.


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