Cash Games - Understanding Straddle

A straddle is the option to "buy" the privilege of last action on the pre-flop. It is available for the Under The Gun (UTG) and all subsequent positions. The amount of a Straddle is always twice the Big Blind amount of the corresponding table you are playing at.

You will be able to find the 'Straddle' button on the bottom-left portion of the table window, which automatically posts the Straddle for you when clicked.                          Once activated, a straddle is automatically made when possible.

         The player on the left of the big blind can act last pre-flop by posting straddle.

Straddle & No-Look All-In Example
For example, Player A (at a $5/$10 table) activated straddle by posting $20, which was followed by another straddle by Player B posting $40. The next bidder decided to go all-in for $210. In this case, the next straddle amount that a player will be able to post is not $80, but rather $320 which is the next closest straddle amount larger than the $210 all-in posted by the previous bidder.

Straddle & No-Look All-In

The next player can choose to follow suit and go all-in or post straddle. A straddle bet after a ‘No-Look All-In’ must be larger than the corresponding all-in amount.

Straddle countdown

Once the first player straddles, a timer begins counting down. Players must post their own straddles during this time. Players are also offered the chance to go all-in in each straddle betting round. This keeps the game fresh and exciting.

No-Look All-In

When the first player straddles, a timer begins a countdown indicating other players can make their own straddle now. Each time players are given the option to straddle, they’re also given the option to go All-In. This is called ‘No-Look All-In’ and adds tremendous excitement to the games.

Am I allowed to straddle regardless of table position?

On most sites, the player to the left of the big blind position is the only player that can straddle. On our sites, any player can post a straddle bet before the hole cards are shown, regardless of their table position.

Can I turn off the straddle feature?
No, the straddle feature cannot be turned off. 

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