Account Security - What is Account Sharing?

Account Sharing is an act wherein you share your account with someone else or use another player’s account to play at the table. This kind of act is expressly forbidden on our site.

Players are only allowed to have one account on our website, however, we do have a policy for two different people having different accounts on the same computer.

In this situation, both players will have to have their IDs verified separately but once the support team can confirm that two different individuals control the two different accounts, they will have access to most of the game types and variants on our site, although these players will not be allowed to play together at some tables, in the interest of fairness.

In the interest of fairness, players who use our website are only allowed to have one account. If you suspect or know of a player using multiple accounts, report them to our Security Team. For privacy reasons, we can't supply you with any information regarding actions taken against the reported party but we welcome reports of this nature all the same.

Cases that players would like investigated can be submitted via [email protected].

Please see our Terms of Service under ‘Introduction’ for further information.

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