All In Or Fold - Understanding Remove Chips feature

This feature allows you to lower your risk when moving all-in by preserving any stacks you've won in previous hands. The maximum initial buy-in is 8 big blinds, any chips on the table beyond that amount can be removed at any time.

By clicking on ' Red Poker Chip' at the top right corner of the window, a new window called 'Remove Chips' will open up. The maximum amount you can remove from the table will be determined by the chip amount you currently possess at the table minus the buy-in amount for the table. If the chip amount you have is below the buy-in amount for the corresponding table, then you will not be able to select 'Remove Chips'.

For PC:

For Mobile:

Please slide the table upwards to see the settings. You can remove chips in the settings once the table has been moved upwards. 

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