Account Security - How do I protect myself from phishing and fake emails?

This is not an everyday occurrence but if you receive emails that claim to be from our site but are from an untrustworthy source, there are some key steps you can follow to identify a fake email:

  • If the email in question describes a serious problem with your account or states that your account will be deleted if you do not respond promptly.
  • If you are asked to confirm your account details or personal details by a clicking a link within an email.
  • If there are any glaring spelling or grammatical errors that jump out at you, proceed with caution. Sometimes these errors are left in the text body on purpose to bypass spam filters.

Do not click links in emails that you think may be suspicious or fraudulent. Even if you do not enter any personal information on the link path, background installations of viruses can occur just from clicking.

 Always keep track of your account. If you do not recognize a charge or transaction and suspect fraud may be occurring, contact our Customer Support immediately. Forward any emails deemed to be suspicious to the Support team

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