My Account - KYC - How do I know if the verification documents I am sending will be acceptable?

The following documents are acceptable as proof of ID:

  • Valid Passport

  • Valid Driving Licence

  • Valid ID Card


The following are acceptable as proof of address:

  • A utility bill or a credit card bill from within the last 6 months.

  • A bank statement including credit union or building society from within the last 90 days

  • A recognized government letter i.e., social welfare, car tax, County Council

  • An official solicitors or accountants' letter (this must be typed and on headed paper)

  • A policy document or statement for your car or home insurance

  • A policy document or statement for health insurance

1. All images must be clear with all details clearly visible.
2. Images should show all 4 corners, name, address, date of issue
3. Screenshots are not accepted.
4. Online documents must be provided in PDF format.

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