Poker Client - Understanding Deal Choice

Deal Choice is a feature which allows the Underdog to slightly increase their odds of winning when they are in a losing all-in situation and makes the game more exciting.

Understanding how Deal Choice works

During an all-in situation, the Underdog will be able to select one of the following: Run It Once, Run It Twice, Run It Three Times.

  • Run It Twice (RIT) or Run It Three Times (RITT) allows players to have the remaining board cards dealt two or three times when two players both go all-in.

  • The amount in the pot is also split into two or three different amounts to be played out to different boards.

  • When an Underdog chooses to Run It Twice or Run It Three Times, if the Favorite decides to accept All-In Insurance or rejects the Underdog's Deal Choice, then the board will only run once like a normal game.

This option is available when the following criteria is met:

  • you must go all-in

  • the player's odds of winning are below 50%

  • only two players are committed in the pot

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