Understanding Game Cancellation, Interruption and Refund Policy

The refund procedure may differ depending on the game type in which the incident occurred.

A player who has experienced a server issue in a Cash Game or Tournament will have the occurrence verified and may be refunded via a method known as “interrupted payment”. We will credit your account for the Cash Game lost pot or Tournament issue.

Players will receive restitution within 24 to 96 hours depending on the scale of the technical issue and the number of players affected.

Refund Policy

1. In the event of server crash, or unscheduled downtime, GGNetwork will refund the players as follows:

1.1. Cash Games

1.1.1. All hands in progress will be rolled back. Each player’s chip count will be reset to the amount at the beginning of the hand.

1.2. Tournaments (SNGs/MTTs)

1.2.1. Tournament has not started

GGNetwork will refund all buy-ins and fees to the players.

1.2.2. Tournament has started and is in Late Registration period

Tournament will be cancelled and all buy-ins and fees will be returned to the players.

1.2.3. Late Registration has ended but has not reached in the money

The total buy-ins (not the guaranteed amount) will be distributed proportionally according to chip count.

1.2.4. Players are in the money

The guaranteed amount will be distributed according to the ICM (Independent Chip Model).

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