How to change Residential Country

For PC:

1. From the Game Client lobby click your Avatar found on the upper right corner

2. Hit the ' Residential Country' tab

3. Select your Residential Country from the drop down list

4. Click the ' Apply' button followed by the 'OK' button

For Mobile:

1. Tap the Navigation button found on the lower right corner of the Game App Lobby

2. Hit the ' Settings' button

3. Click ' Residential Country'

4. Select your country from the drop down list

5. Then hit the ' Apply' button

Note: Please be advised that every player gets 1 chance to change the country of residency in the poker client without needing to provide any proof.

Any change of residency afterwards will have to go through verification first before it can be changed.

Additionally, all residential country flags are now dependent on each player's IP address to determine their location.

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