Staking - How to buy Staking

To do this simply:

1. From the Game Client Lobby, go to the ‘Tournament’ tab 

2. Double click on the specific Tournament that you would like to Buy Action with.

3. You can then find your preferred player to Buy Action from. Simply select the player from the staking tab.

4. Then hit the ‘Buy Action’ button

5. Set the percentage of the Action you want to buy, hit the ‘Buy Action’ button again and you’re ready to go.

  • Action - In the staking world action refers to the percentage of the stake a player is offering to sell to investors. 

For example:

Let’s refer to the screenshot above. Let's say you bought 1% out of 25% of a particular player's shares. If the player wins you will get $0.44

First, you would have to calculate the Total Buy-in as follows:

Buy-in + Fee + Bounty (if applicable) = Total Buy-in

Then you would input the Total Buy-in into the following formula as follows:

(Total Buy-in / 100) * Markup * Share % = Total Purchase Amount of Stake

Then the calculation will be as follows:

Total Purchase Amount of Stake = (40 / 100) * 1.1 * 1 = $0.44

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