Cashier - Transfers - Transferring tournament tickets

Ticket transfers are possible in some instances but not when tickets have been issued from leaderboards, promotions or giveaways.

Tickets won from pay-to-enter satellites can be transferred to other players.

Please be aware that there are notable exceptions to the above that include but are not limited to

1. The sender/recipient must hold a fully verified GGPoker account.
2. The sender/receiver must have a verified email address.
3. The sender/receiver must have a verified mobile number.
4. GGPokerUK players can only send/receive from other GGPokerUK players - players outside of GGPUK can't send to players in GGPUK or vice versa.

Where ticket transfers are available, you can transfer them within the GGPoker Cashier by clicking on the Cashier Poker chip in the GGPoker application

1. Select Transfer
2  Enter the email address or mobile number of the recipient player
3. Select ticket in the dropdown box
4. Select the ticket you would like to send
5. Click apply
6. Click transfer

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