#ThanksGG - FAQ Summary

What is #ThanksGG?
GGPoker is taking care of you in 2021 with a new daily promotion called #ThanksGG 

#ThanksGG is a daily flipout tournament with a $100K prizepool. It takes place each day at 00:45 Pacific Time (UTC-8). Eligible players will be automatically entered once they've met the criteria which is losing to a bad-beat, suckout or cooler determined by GGPoker or celebrating a winning moment by getting a big hand or winning a big pot.

When does the #ThanksGG tournament take place?
There is a daily, yes daily Flipout tournament at 00:45 Pacific Time (UTC-8) If you have met the requirements between 00:00:00-23:59:59 Pacific Time (UTC-8) you will be automatically registered to the next #ThanksGG event.

What is a Flipout tournament?
A Flipout Tournament is a type of automated tournament where each hand, every player is pushed all-in. Within seconds, a winner is determined. Players don’t even need to be online for the tournament while the tournament takes place – there are no decisions to be made once the tournament starts.

Do I have to be online when the #ThanksGG tournament happens?

Nope, as this is a Flipout tournaments and players are automatically placed all in each hand, your presence is not required. If you miss the event and you want to check your placing, please check My Tournaments tab or your PokerCraft timeline for your result.

How do I qualify for a #ThanksGG event?

The specific details vary game by game and are often change based on numerous outside factors. As such, the exact conditions that trigger these events will not be specifically enumerated, our team of game experts will continuously look for unlucky situations throughout gameplay and will add more trigger points.

What determines the amount of stack I get to enter the #ThanksGG tournament?
The participating stack will vary depending on the pot size and severity of the situation. GGPoker Network will optimize the formula continuously to provide a fair flipout to all players with different situation.

What happens if it happens more than once?
If you have two or more qualifying hands, you will accumulate additional tournament chips each time, increasing your starting chips

Where can I check my #ThanksGG hands?
You can check your #ThanksGG hands on the PokerCraft Timeline.

Which games count for qualifying for #ThanksGG?
Games that are eligible for this promotion are all cash games that include Hold’em, Omaha, All-In or Fold, Rush & Cash, Spin & Gold, Short Deck and Tournaments. The GGCheers aspect is not available in tournaments presently, but will be added in the future,

I suffered a bad beat, cooler or suckout or won a big pot/hand but I'm not registered, can I have a ticket?
No, only players who have met the exact requirements will be automatically entered into the next tournament.

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