Flip & Go - Renewal (Multi-Phase) - FAQ Summary

What is Flip & Go?
Flip & Go is the newest way to play tournament poker; skip all the boring parts and jump straight into the hottest action possible.
Choose to play with larger starting stacks, snag extra chips during the flipout phase and play out a standard Hold’em game once you’re in the money - if dialing up the action and cutting out the grind sounds good, then Flip & Go is for you!

What are Multi Phase Flip & Go?
Multi Phase or flighted Flip & Go games run every 10 minutes starting on the hour and every 5 minutes 40 minutes past the hour. 
There are 8 phases in total where players can qualify for the Final Phase. 
The final phase will start when Phase H ends and all players will be ITM (in the money)
Example: Phase A: 12:05 UTC Phase B: 12:15 UTC Phase C: 12:25 UTC Phase D: 12:35 UTC Phase E: 12:40 UTC Phase F: 12:45 UTC Phase G: 12:50 UTC Phase H: 13:00 UTC 
Final Phase: Begins once Phase H is completed.

How many buy-ins can I buy in a Flip & Go?
Players can choose the amount of stacks they start the tournament with from as little as one stack to a maximum of 5 (five) 
Each stack costs one buy-in - so if you buy 3 stacks it will cost you tournament buy-ins. 
Example: If the buy-in is $0.50 and you buy 3 stacks it will cost you $1.50.

How many chips do I start with in a Flip & Go?
Each starting stack is 1,000 chips.

What happens in the Flip Out stage?(Flip Stage)
In the first round, players will be dealt 3 cards face-up which they can elect to discard one of those cards. 
Players will have 30 seconds to discard their one card, if not selected the lowest card will be removed automatically.
Each table will then play down to a winner, the winner will proceed to the 2nd phase (Go Stage) and be ITM (in the money)
The tournament will then run as a regular tournament until the end.

Updated 29th October 2021:
Double Board in Flip Stage

  • There will always be two boards in Flip & Go. (Run It Twice). So players get to see more cards.
  • It will change back to one board when the game becomes heads up.

What is a Flip Bonus?
During the first round, players can receive extra chips if they are dealt a strong hand.
A Straight flush will add 4 stacks
A Three of a kind will add 3 stacks
A Flush will add 2 stacks
A Straight will add 1 stack

What happens in the Go Stage?
Once you have eliminated everyone from your table you are in the money and the tournament will revert to a regular Hold’em tournament.

How many buy-in levels are there for Flip & Go?
Flip & Go is available at 4 different buy-in levels, starting from $0.05 to $20

Buy-in + Fee $0.047+$0.003 $0.475 + $0.025 $2.85 + $0.15 $19 + $1
Guaranteed $100-$250* $500-$100* $1,500-$3,000* $5,000-$6,000*
Starting chips 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Table Type 8 Player ▶ 9 Players for Final Table 8 Player ▶ 9 Players for Final Table 8 Player ▶ 9 Players for Final Table 8 Player ▶ 9 Players for Final Table
Min/Max Players 9 ~ 5,000 Players 9 ~ 5,000 Players 9 ~ 5,000 Players 9 ~ 5,000 Players

*Guarantees are subject to change - for up-to-date guarantees please visit the Flip & Go Lobby in the client.

Can I play multiple Flip & Go phases and what happens if I make the Go Stage multiple times?

Players can play as many Flip Stages as they wish, if they qualify in multiple Flip Stages their stack will be accumulated.

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