Battle Royale - FAQ Summary

What is Battle Royale?
Battle Royale is a 100-player Hold’em Sit & Go. It is a combination of all the fun parts of GGPoker’s most popular tournaments. Feel everything poker has to offer in an hour-long battle.

What buy-ins are available?
Currently available buy-ins are as follows:$0.25, $1, $3 and $10

Is there a guaranteed prize pool?
Yes, each buy-in has a specific guaranteed prize
$0.25 ($24 guaranteed)
$1 ($95 guaranteed)
$3 ($285 guaranteed)
$10 ($950 guaranteed)
Don’t forget you pick up bounties on each player you knock out!
Guarantees are correct at the time of writing but will be subject to change. For current guarantees please check the Battle Royale promotion page

Is late registration available?
No, once 100 players are registered the game will begin. No late registration is available. You can always register for the next event!

Is re-entry possible?
No it is not - once you bust the tournament you cannot re-enter or re-buy. You can always register for the next Battle Royale!

How many chips do I start with?
Each player will start with 1,000 chips.

What happens in Phase 1? (Rush Zone)
Phase 1 - Rush & Cash Phase (6-max table)
The tournament begins with 100 players in the pool.
Each time a player folds they are moved to a new table (similar to how Rush & Cash games work).
If you knock a player out of the game you will receive the bounty prize displayed on their head as per standard bounty rules.
Rush & Cash mode will end after 15 minutes. At the end of this period, the top 50 players will move on to the next phase.
Bounties from eliminated players (those who have not being knocked out but are not in the top 50 will be added to the prize pool)

What happens if players have the same stack size, outside of the Top 50 at the end of Phase 1 (Rush & Cash phase)
Tie’s will be determined by the following rules:
1. The player with the most bounties will rank higher.
2. In the event that bounties are equal; the player who has played the most hands ranks higher.

What happens in Phase 2? (Shootout zone)
Phase 2 - Shoot-out Phase (5-max table)
50 players will begin this phase.
There will be 10 tables each with 5 players.
As in a regular shootout tournament, the last player standing will move on to Phase 3 and the Final Table.
This phase will see 15 minutes of action.
If there is no winner at the table when the 15 minutes elapse, the game goes into All-in mode.
During All-in mode, all players will be automatically put all-in until one player is remaining on each table.
Each of the 10 tables will have one player remaining and each winner will move on to the Final Table.

What happens in Phase 3? (Final Table)
Final Table (10-max table)
Final Table will play out until we have a winner.
Each player on the Final Table will be ITM (in the money)
Final table features including seat selection and chess clock will apply.
Tip: Speedy play is rewarded as players who reach the Final table first are given seat selection advantages.

Can I make a deal on the Final Table?

Battle Royale does not offer a “Make a Deal” option.

Where can I see upcoming games that are currently in registration?
You can view upcoming games by clicking on the Battle Royale tab and on the right side of the lobby you will see a list of games currently in registration.

Where can I see my results of previous Battle Royale games?
Battle Royale has its own specific tab in PokerCraft. Located on the left side bar.

Where can I see the results of completed Battle Royale games?
A list of the latest results can be seen in the right side bar of the Battle Royale lobby.
You can also see a list of completed tournaments in PokerCraft.

Battle Royale - Prize Structure

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