Leaderboards - When are they paid?

Leaderboards run daily from 00:00 Pacific Time to 23:59:59 Pacific Time.

When the leaderboard finishes - your final position and prizes are determined.

Prizes are issued between 23-25 hours later.

Dom Twan plays the Rush & Cash leaderboard on 1st May. That leaderboard starts on 1st May at 00:00 Pacific Time and concludes at 23:59:59 also on the 1st May. Dom finishes 3rd on the leaderboard for C$100 prize. Dom will receive the prize between 23:00 2nd May and 01:00 3rd May, Pacific Time.

Pacific Time vs other times
00:00 Pacific Time = 08:00 UTC
00:00 Pacific Time = 09:00 GMT+1 (London, Dublin, Lisbon)
00:00 Pacific Time = 10:00 CEST (CET+1) (Tirana, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Valletta, Amsterdam)
00:00 Pacific Time = 11:00 Moscow Time (GMT+3)
00:00 Pacific Time = 04:00 EST (ET+1) (Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, New York, Florida, Quintan Roc)
00:00 Pacific Time = 04:00 Brasilia Time

Please note: Pacific Time/UTC Time never changes - countries change time-zones based on their regions Daylight savings.

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