WSOP Super Circuit Online Series - Cash Game Rings - FAQ Summary


Jump into a Hold’em or PLO/PLO-5 cash game now and rack up a winning session.
Low or High stakes, it doesn’t matter, all players have an equal chance to win.
The final table awaits for the 9 finalists to have a showdown for the WSOP Ring.

How can I win a Cash Game Ring?
It’s really simple - play at our Hold’em and PLO/PLO-5 cash game tables between 1st-30th May.
We will keep track of all the players who play Hold’em or PLO/PLO-5 and the players with the highest Weighted BB scores during this time will get an invite to the Final9 Final Table.
Your Weighted BB is the number of Big Blinds you win out of 100 hands over the course of the session.


  • Only winning sessions will earn points
  • You must have at least 50 hands per session
  • A session lasts from the moment you enter a table to when you leave a table
  • Points are calculated on the following basis: 100 * Total Winnings / Blind (or Ante for Short Deck) / Number of Hands
  • Losing sessions will not have negative points
  • The top 9 ranked players on each leaderboard will earn an invite to the final table which will take place at 18:00 UTC on June 5th.

Where can I keep track of my current leaderboard position?

What are the prizes on the Final9 Final Table for the Cash Game Rings?

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