Customer Support - I need to find a Hand History/Tournament ID/Spin & Gold in my PokerCraft - How do I do this?

1. Open PokerCraft from within the GGPoker application

PokerCraft can be accessed from the application - it can be found on the bottom banner just left of the time display as shown below
2. Navigate the left-hand-side panel to determine the applicable game type - Spin & Gold / All in or Fold / Rush & Cash etc

3. After selecting the relevant game type - you can set further filters to find the correct date/time

Here are some worked examples below:

1. My Spin & Gold did not load - it was a $0.25 Spin on the 29th March

Using steps 1-3 above - scroll to Spin & Gold on the left panel - select custom range and set the date to 29th March and take your screenshot ( by typing Ctrl, Shift, S together)

2. I won the AoF Jackpot but the prize was not credited - it was at $0.05/$0.10 NL Hold'em

Using steps 1-3 above - scroll to All in Or Fold - select the custom range and set the date to 29th March - you can also set further filters (Game Type & Blinds)After clicking on Show click on the relevant sessionThen click on Game History which will display all hands from that specific session

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