Cash Games - Omaha - How is The Pot Limit calculated in Pot Limit Omaha??

In PLO, the maximum amount a player can bet or raise on any street is the pot limit. The pot limit is determined by adding up the amount of money in the pot plus the amount a player would have to call before raising.

For example, let's say that in a PLO game, there is a pot of $100. The first player to act bets $20. The next player then has the option to call the $20 or to raise. If they choose to raise, the pot limit would be calculated as follows:

Pot ($100) + Call ($20) + Raise ($20) = $140

Therefore, the maximum amount the player can raise is $140. If they choose to raise by the full amount, the pot would now be $280 ($140 raise + $140 call from the other player).

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