Can I move up Platinum Rank levels?

Only players on Platinum Whale can climb to Platinum Shark or The Platinum by making the FP requirement.

A Platinum Whale must generate 3,000,000 FPs to climb to Platinum Shark
A Platinum Shark must generate 5,000,000 FPs to climb to The Platinum

Platinum Ranks below cannot be climbed. The only way to climb Platinum Ranks is climb via the Fish Buffet.

A Platinum Octopus earns 3,000,000 FPs does not become a Platinum Whale.
To become Platinum Whale, the player must leave Platinum Octopus, starting on Bronze 3 Whale and must climb the Fish Buffet ladder from Bronze 3 and complete Gold Whale 1 before they can then switch to Platinum Whale.

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