Cash Game - Leave Table Penalty

1st February 2021

  • A penalty system has been applied to discourage players from refusing to play at certain tables thereby limiting bum hunting.
  • If a player leaves the table before playing 10 hands, it is considered that the player refused to play at the table.
  • If a player continues to refuse playing at certain tables, the player will not be able to join tables with the same blind for a certain period of time. All penalty within the 12 hours will accumulate. The following restrictions will be applied accordingly.
  • This penalty applies to all cash games except for Rush & Cash, AoF (All-in or Fold) and VIP games.
  • No penalty will be applied if the player enters a table, sits, but leaves before playing a hand.

    26th February additional rule
  • Leave table penalty will be activated if the player left the table due to the sit-out time concluding. 
1st time leaving the table without playing 10 hands No Penalty
2nd 5 minutes
3rd 15 minutes
4th 30 minutes
5th 60 minutes
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