Final Table Betting FAQ

What is Final Table Betting?
Final Table Betting is here – you can now make bets on the outcome of Final Tables on GGPoker!

How do I make a bet on the Final Table?
To get the odds, you will need to open the Final Table from the tournament lobby

When can I bet on a Final Table?
When the Final table is reached – there is a 5-minute break. You can make your bets during this break.

When does Final Table Betting close?
Final Table Betting closes when the Final table starts.

If I am playing on a Final Table can I make a bet?
No, players on the Final table are not allowed to make bets.

What is the minimum bet I can make?
$1 is the minimum.

How are the odds calculated for Final Table Betting?
Each final table players odds will be calculated by PokerShares.

When will the odds be calculated for Final Table Betting?
Odds will be calculated immediately after the final table players are decided.

I’ve made a bet on the Final Table but the odds have changed – what happens?
Odds may change but bets already made will not be affected.

Where can I see the results of any bets I’ve made on a Final Table?
Bet results will be shown in Balance History as well as on the timeline in your PokerCraft.

Is Final Table Betting available in all tournaments?
To begin it will only be available in the Super Million$ High Rollers $10,300 Event. Day 1 begins at 18:00 UTC every Sunday and pauses once the FT is reached. FT betting will be available until the Final Table begins on the following Tuesday at 18:00 UTC.
Note: The Final Table is streamed live on so you can sweat your bet!

What happens if not all participants participate in the final table?
Bets will be cancelled and refunded in cases where not all final table players participate at the final table.

If a qualify for a Final table - can I bet on myself?
No - players cannot bet on themselves.

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