DNegs Splash Dance

If the player wins the pot in a specific situation, Daniel Negreanu dance ceremony will appear -

    • DNegs ceremony will show up at both non-showdown and showdown situation
      • In a showdown situation, the ceremony will pop-up immediately with no button to activate.
      • In non-showdown situation, there will be an option to activate the ceremony when players choose to show or muck their hole-cards
        • Ceremony button will be shown after the hand only for the winner of the game 
        • The biggest pot winner will get the ceremony button(Ceremony will not be shown if the pot is split.
  • RnC Hold'em: 250 bb
  • RnC Omaha: 350 bb
  • Hold'em: 250 bb
  • Omaha: 350 bb
  • Six Plus: 350 bb
  • AoF Hold'em: 50 bb
  • AoF Omaha: 35 bb
  • Tournament : 500% of average pot
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