Global Sit Out in Cash Games

As of November 27th 2020 the following changes have been implemented regarding Sitting out in Cash Games

    • Players are not allowed to sit out individual tables. Instead, players must sit out all tables at once
      • If a player times out, he will be given 30 seconds to sit back in or else he will be sit out from all other cash tables.
      • Players are also not allowed to sit in back again to individual tables. Instead, players will seated again on all tables at once.
      • There are exceptions for all-in sit outs. Players will be allowed to sit out individual tables after losing all chips.
      • Only the “Sitout All Cash game tables next hand”, “Sitout All Cash game tables next blind”, “Resume all game tables” options will remain
      • Global sit-out won’t be applied to tournament(including Spin & Gold) tables
    • “Leave Table on next Blinds”  option will be added.
      • Unlike sitout, players can use 'leave table on next blinds' on individual tables.
      • If checked, the player will leave the table if the player is to post blinds on the next hand.
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