Prop Bets - Bankroll Challenge - Are Bankroll challenge winnings/losses solely based on my results while playing my games?

Generally, the numbers reflected in the bankroll challenge are based on results. However, they are other considerations, as listed below:

Cash Games:


Win/loss from Cash games, including VIP Games

Not included:

Hands where EV Cashout is selected

Win/loss from Bet on Flop

Win/loss from Next Hand Roulette



Win/loss from all tournament games, including Tickets and Seats

#Thanks GG Tournaments

Battle Royale

Flip & Go

AoF Sit & Go

Spin & Gold (Prizes from Spin & Gold Challenges started before the Prop Bet began will not be included)

Not included:

Spin Insurance amount from Spin & Gold

Staking (All profit and loss from Buy/Sell)

Final Table Betting win/loss amount

Win/loss from Bet on Flop

Win/loss from Next Hand Roulette

Other Prop Bets


The following Jackpots/Promotions are included as part of the Bankroll Challenge

Bad Beat Jackpot

AoF Jackpot

All-In Fortune

Bounty Jackpot

Cash Drop prize in Rush & Cash

Red Envelope prize in NLH



Honeymoon Rewards (Missions that start before a Bankroll Challenge is accepted will not be included)

Fish Buffet Rewards (Only Fish Points/Rewards earned after the Bankroll Challenge will be included, any points or rewards that were accrued or partially accrued before the start of the challenge will be disregarded)

Daily Leaderboard Prizes (Leaderboard prizes won before the bankroll challenge began or using games that are not specified as being included in the bankroll will not be included)

Not included:

GGPoker promotions, including ones that are region specific

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