Poker Client - Table Preferences via Group Join

When joining Cash Game tables, players can use the 'Group Join' function to state preferences of the type of tables they would prefer to be seated at.

The configurable options are

Number of Tables

Select the number of tables you wish to join at this blind level (1-9)

Table Stack Size - Short / Average / Deep -The size of the average stacks on the table determines this.

Player Style - Tight / Normal / Loose - The VPIP% of the players on the table determines this.

Table Game Speed - Fast / Normal / Slow - The average hands played per hour determines this.

Player Location - Random / Nearby - Location is decided by the flags of seated players

The game client will seat you on the table(s) that match your requests the closest. Be aware the more specific you make your request, the more unlikely it will be that all your preferences will be available.

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