Fish Buffet and Black Rank FAQ Summary

What is Fish Buffet?
Fish Buffet is a permanent promotion. Players are automatically enrolled in Fish Buffet upon completing initial GGPoker account registration. Players must earn the required level of Fish Points within a given time limit to unlock that level. Upon unlocking a level, players can spin a wheel to win various cash rewards.

What are the Fish Buffet Levels?There are seven (7) levels within the Fish Buffet. Starting from Plankton all the way up to Shark level. The levels are (listed from starting level to end):


Within each Fish buffet level there are certain ranks

Platinum (Whale & Shark only)
Diamond (Shark only)

How long do I have to complete each Fish Buffet Level?
The time-frame depends on each level, the higher the rank you achieve, the longer you will have to complete each level.

Plankton - 7 days
Goldfish - 7 days
Shrimp - 15 days
Crab - 15 days
Octopus - 30 days
Whale - 60 days
Shark - 60 days

What happens if I move up a rank within a level - how does that affect the time-frame?
If you successfully ladder up a rank within a level you will receive the full amount of time to move up to the next.
Example: You move from Bronze Shrimp to Silver Shrimp you will have 15 days to move from Silver Shrimp to Gold Shrimp.

What happens if I don't succeed in moving up to the next rank?
Don't worry, you will still receive 10% cashback for the Fish points you have earned. Examples: 30 FB = $0.03, 300 FP = $0.30  3,000 FP = $3.00

How do I collect Fish Points?
On average, players will be rewarded 100 FP for every $1 paid in rake and fees. This value may vary based on a variety of factors, such as but not limited to, game type or tournament played, player behavior at tables, and deposit history.

Do I collect Fish Points for Casino Games?
Yes you do! Fish Buffet points will be collected at the point of wagering. For more information on earn rates per game type. Click here for further information.

What are the Reward Probabilities for Fish Buffet?

The reward probabilities can be seen here:

Can I move between Fish Buffet and Black Rank?
Yes. You can switch to a Black Rank of a lower level/rank.

All Octopus, Crab, Shrimp can switch to Black Fish
All Whales can switch to Black Octopus
All Sharks can switch to Black Whale

What are Black Ranks?
As of September 9th 2020, Black Ranks are a new addition to our rewards system.

Black Ranks offer weekly fixed cashback - no more spins and time limits. Black Ranks are maintained for a year and require a certain points target for renewal.

There are four (4) Black Ranks starting at Black Fish to Black Shark.

Black Fish
Black Octopus
Black Whale
Black Shark

Can I move up Black Ranks?
No, Black Ranks cannot be climbed as they are based on a yearly promotion. The only way to climb Black Ranks is climb via the Fish Buffet.

What are the average rewards for Black Rank levels?
Every Monday, you will receive a reward for the Fish Points (FPs) you have collected as a Black Rank for the previous week.

The table below indicates the rewards per tier on average.
Do I keep my Black Rank for a year?
Yes, Black Ranks are based on your yearly Fish Points (FPs) collection. To maintain your Black Rank status you will need to meet the required FPs over the annual period:

Black Shark 5,000,000 FPs
Black Whale 1,750,000 FPs
Black Octopus 750,000 FPs
Black Fish ranked players are not required to meet a required number of FPs.

What happens if I fail to make the required Fish Points for my Black Rank?
If you fail to collect to required points in one year, your rank will drop to the next lowest Black Rank.

Example: Black Shark drops to Black Whale. Black Whale drops to Black Octopus.

Can I move between Black Rank and Fish Buffet?
Yes, you can always switch back to regular Fish Buffet to try for a higher level.

Example: A Black Fish will start at Bronze Shrimp, a Black Octopus will start at Bronze Whale and a Black Whale will start at Bronze Shark.

You will receive Black Rewards for the points you have collected up to moment you switch. Any uncollected rewards will be credited to your balance and your new rank will start with 0 Fish Points (FPs)

Note: You will NOT be able to switch back to Black Rank for a period of time equivalent to the time limit of the new Bronze rank. (e.g. If you switch from Black Fish to Bronze Shrimp, you will not be able to return to Black Fish for 15 days.)

Do I receive a spin for Black Rank?
No Black Ranks receive cashback every Monday depending on the amount of FPs they've earned for the previous week.

When are payments made for weekly Black Rank rewards?
Black Rank payments are paid every Monday.

What will happen my current Rank and Points on September 9th?
With the launch of the renewed Fish Buffet, everyone will start fresh at a new rank with 0 Fish Points.

Players with existing Fish Points will receive rewards based on the average FP Return % of their current rank.

Example: If you are a Diamond Octopus with 10,000 FP, you will recieve $36 as FB return (average FP return % for Diamond Octopus is 36% and will be moved to Bronze Whale with 0 FP.

Any unopened wheel rewards will be credited to your account.

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