Casino Bonus - FAQ & Summary

What is a Casino Bonus?

A Casino Bonus is a form of bonus money for GG Network's Casino that can be converted to Real Money. It can be used in any Casino game, except for a few games. Once a player meets the Redemption Point Goal (Wagering Requirement) of a certain  Casino Bonus Package, the entire package will be converted to Real Money. The Redemption Point Goal (Wagering Requirement) is different for every package.

How do I acquire a Casino Bonus?

Casino Bonus Packages can be acquired through rewards, giveaways, or as promotional prizes.

Upon activating a Casino Bonus Package,  the Casino Bonus will be available for betting. More than one Casino Bonus can be acquired but cannot be activated simultaneously.

I have a Casino Bonus - how do I use it?

If you have a Casino Bonus, you must activate it by visiting My Promo > Casino Bonus > Activate (Turn On)

What does Casino to Bonus Ratio mean?

All Casino Bonus Packages include a Cash to Bonus Ratio.

For example, if a player has a Casino Bonus Package with Cash to Bonus Ratio of 2:8 and makes a $10 bet, $2 worth of Real Money and 8 Casino Bonus will be used.

In a scenario where the player wins $20, they will acquire $4 of Real Money and 16 Casino Bonuses.

How do I earn Redemption Points?

Players can earn Redemption Points through betting with Casino Bonus at the games marked with Casino Bonus Button.

​Players can check their Redemption Points status at the Casino Bonus pop-up when they click on the 'Casino Bonus' button.

The points depend on each game's RTP (Return to Player).

Please refer to the table here

How do I convert my Casino Bonus into Real Money?

All Casino Bonus Packages include a Redemption Point Goal.

Upon reaching the Redemption Point Goal, the entire remaining balance of the Casino Bonus will be converted to Real Money.

How do I check my progress on my Casino Bonus?

Please visit My Promo > Casino Bonus to see your current status.

Which games can I use my Casino Bonus in?

Your bonus balance will be displayed when buying into a game. If your bonus balance does not appear then the game in which you are playing does not apply.

If I buy a bonus do I receive Redemption points?

Yes, you will receive Redemption points when buying a bonus/feature

I have cleared my Casino Bonus but it has not been exchanged for cash yet - why?

Please allow up to 5 minutes from the moment of redemption for the exchange.

Can I extend my Casino Bonus expiry date if I do not use it?

No, Casino Bonus expiry date cannot be extended. Redemption points must be collected within the specified dates.

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