Poker Client - Table Chat - Voice Message - FAQ & Summary

What is a Voice Message?

Players can leave short Voice Messages in the table chat to allow them to express their feelings to other players, exactly the same as live poker. Want to congratulate someone on a good play? Tell them what you think of their avatar? Show your excitement after scooping a huge pot.

How do I leave a Voice Message?

Click on the microphone button in the table chat box, you will need to configure your Microphone first in settings > device

Do Voice Messages have the same chat rules as typed notes?

The Table Chat policy applies to Voice Messages in the same way as text based chat. Players who break this policy by using offensive or discriminatory language, talking about hands in play or any other violation of GGPoker's table chat policy may have their ability to chat revoked for a period of time or permanently.

Will Voice Messages play automatically or do I have to click on them?

Voice messages will play automatically, in the same way that Snapcam videos play to the entire table. So if you leave a voice message it will be heard by everyone not in Helmet Mode

Can I block Voice Messages?

Applying Helmet Mode will block all chat functions, including Voice Messages. However, they cannot be blocked individually.

Do Voice Messages have to be in English?

As GGPoker is the biggest poker room in the world, we welcome players from all over the globe, therefore we have no restriction on which language is used on our table chat

Can I translate Voice Notes in the client?

Currently there is no in client function to translate voice messages, however this is something that is being considered for development.

How can I report a Voice Message that breaks GGPoker's Table Chat policy?

This can be done in the same way that traditional table chat is reported. Roll your mouse over the chat item you wish to report and a flag icon will appear, clicking this will send a report to our security team for review.

I'm trying to leave a Voice Message but it's silent, what is wrong?

Please ensure your Microphone is functioning and configured correctly. This can be checked by going to Settings > Device and following the prompts for Microphone.

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