My Account - Why can I not add an affiliate code to my account after I signed up

Poker players always seek ways to maximize their profits and minimize their expenses. Some players try to do this by using affiliate codes to sign up for online poker sites. Affiliate codes may allow players to receive perks when they sign up for a poker site. However, many players are surprised to learn they cannot use affiliate codes retroactively.

What does it mean to use an affiliate code retroactively? Let's say you sign up for a poker site without using an affiliate code. Later, you learn about a great affiliate code that offers you something when you sign up through that code. You might think that you can go back and use the affiliate code even though you have already signed up for the site. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Why can't players use affiliate codes retroactively? The reason is simple: affiliate codes are designed to track new signups. When you use an affiliate code to sign up for GGPoker, the site knows that that affiliate referred you. However, if you have already signed up for a site without using an affiliate code, GGPoker cannot know for certain that that affiliate referred you.

Some players might argue that it's not fair that they can't use affiliate codes retroactively. After all, they might say, they would have signed up through the affiliate if they had known about the code earlier. However, If players were allowed to use affiliate codes retroactively, it would undermine the purpose of the codes and make them less effective as a marketing tool.

It's also worth noting that some legal and ethical concerns are involved in retroactively using affiliate codes. For example, some affiliates might be tempted to offer players a portion of their commission if the player signs up using their code after the fact. This is known as "code sharing," and it is considered unethical by many in the online poker community. In fact, GGPoker does not permit code sharing and will take action against players and affiliates who engage in this behaviour.

Please also be aware that attempting to create secondary accounts to use an affiliate code is also against the terms and conditions of GGPoker and may result in the closure of all accounts.

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