Prop Bets - Last Longer - FAQ & Summary

What is a last longer Prop Bet?

A "last longer" prop bet in poker is a wager between two or more players on who will outlast the others in a particular poker tournament on GGPoker. Each player puts up an agreed-upon amount of money, and the last player remaining in the event or session is declared the winner and collects the entire pool of money wagered. It adds an extra competitive element and excitement among participants, as they compete not only against other opponents but also against each other in the prop bet.

How do I create a Last Longer Prop Bet?

  1. Register for a tournament
  2. In that tournament lobby, open the Prop Bet tab and click Create
  3. Select the bet amount
  4. Select the payout distribution
  5. Select the minimum and maximum amount of players
  6. Select to make it public or private
  7. Your Last Longer Prop Bet is now created

Are there any restrictions on the amount of the Prop Bet buy-in?

For Prop Bets related to Tournaments, there is a lower and upper limit on the amount of Prop Bet buy-in.

Minimum - 10% of the regular tournament buy-in

Maximum - 200% of the regular tournament buy-in

For example, in a $50 buy-in event, Prop Bet buy-ins can be between $5 and $100.

Which payout distributions are available in the Last Longer Prop Bet?

Winner Takes All

5% Payout

10% Payout

15% Payout

20% Payout

Are there different payout options for Prop Bets, or is it always 'Winner Takes All'?

The creator of the Prop Bet can set the payout structure in one of 3 ways. Please check this before registering to ensure you are happy, as once the event has started, it is impossible to unregister.

Normal - The Prop Bet pool is distributed among the winning participants depending on their rankings, similar to the payouts in a regular tournament. For example 50% to 1st, 30% to 2nd and 20% to 3rd

Top Heavy: A larger share of the Prop Bet pool is distributed to the winner of the prop bet, and the remaining prize is distributed to the rest of the participants depending on their rankings. For example, the winner takes 100% all other participants get 0%

Even: The Prop Bet pool is distributed equally to the winning participants, similar to the payouts in a satellite event. For example, the top 5 players get 20% of the Prop Bet pool each.

Are Prop Bets private, or can anyone join?

Prop bets can be either open or private. If you want to create or join a public prop bet to add a little side action to your tournament, feel free.

However, we also have the function to add an entry code to Prop Bets that you create if you want to have a private event between you and your friends or players invited to join.

Are there any limits on the number of players in a single Prop Bet?

Yes, the creator of the Prop Bet will be able to set the minimum number of players (2 is the minimum). The allowed number of entrants may restrict the maximum number in a single Prop Bet. However, these are very high and may never be reached.

If I buy staking in a player, does that include any Prop Bets they may enter?

Prop Bets are entirely separate from staking. It's impossible to buy a share of someone in a Prop Bet.

All staking transactions refer to the player's performance in the event only. Payouts depend on that player winning cash in the event, either via finishing in the paid places, collecting bounties or winning a Bounty Jackpot.

Can I see if a player is involved in any Prop Bets?

You can check via the Prop Bets information window if a player is involved in other Prop Bets.

Is there a limit on how many Prop Bets I can create for a single event?

Players can host a single Prop Bet at a time. However, once this event & Prop Bet begin, players can create another Prop Bet on a different event.

I cannot create a Prop Bet. Is there a limit on how many Prop Bets can be created at once?

Whilst there is no set upper limit, we may temporarily suspend the creation of new Prop Bets if too many are created/running concurrently to ensure existing events can be completed smoothly.

Where can I see the Prop Bets on offer for an event?

The full list of available Prop Bets will be displayed in the tournament lobby.

Can I join a Prop Bet once the tournament has started (Late Registration)

This is not possible. To ensure fairness, all participants must enter the event and the related Prop Bet before the event has started. Once the event starts, then Prop Bet registration will close and the participants and payouts will be set.

Do re-entries for Prop Bets such as Last Longer / Last One Standing count?

No, Only the initial entry will count for Last Longer bets. Once a player is eliminated, they are out of the Last Longer, even if they re-enter and finish above other players.

Will Prop Bets be available in all tournaments, or will there be restrictions?

Prop Bets are available in all regular tournaments such as Daily Guarantees, Bounty Hunters, GGMasters, Omaholics, Speed Racers and MILLION$ events.

Satellites, Flip & Go and #ThanksGG events will be excluded. However, we are developing Prop Bets for other formats.

Will Prop Bets be available for big tournaments such as the Global MILLION$, where you can enter multiple Day 1 events?

Yes, Prop Bets are available in phased events.

Results are settled on Day 1 if participants do not qualify for the Final Day.

Results are settled on Day 2 if two or more participants qualify for the Final Day.

Can Prop Bets be created once an event has begun?

Prop Bets can only be created and entered before the start of an event. They cannot be created 'in running' at this time.

How do I stop unwanted participants from joining my private Prop Bet?

During the set-up process, you can make the Prop Bet private and set a 4-digit password which players will need to enter to join the Prop Bet.

What happens to Prop Bets if a tournament is cancelled?

In the unlikely event of a tournament being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and the Prop Bet has not yet been settled, the Prop Bet will be cancelled, and all participants will be refunded.

If the Prop Bet has already been settled and the event is cancelled afterwards, the result of the Prop Bet will stand as it was unaffected by the cancellation.

If I join a Prop Bet, can I unregister?

Players can unregister from Prop Bets, provided the related event has not started. Once the related event starts, then unregistering is not possible.

Can I get a refund for a Prop Bet once it has gone 'in play'?

No, Prop Bet buy-ins are final and cannot be refunded once the related event has started. The only time a refund will be issued by GGPoker is if the related event is cancelled without the Prop Bet concluding.

Is it possible to observe running tables during a Last Longer Prop Bet?

The Bettor can open and observe the tournament table directly in the Rank tab while the bettor is playing the tournament.

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