Account Security - 2FA - I'm not getting my 2FA emails at all, what could be wrong?

If you're not receiving your 2FA emails, it can be frustrating and a cause for concern. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an essential security measure for online accounts, and if you're not receiving emails, it defeats the purpose of having 2FA. In this article, we'll provide some solutions to help troubleshoot why your 2FA emails are not being received.

  1. Check your email address. The first step in troubleshooting is to ensure you've provided the correct email address for 2FA. Double-check the email address you've provided and ensure no typos or errors. If you've provided the wrong email address, you won't receive the 2FA emails.
  2. Check your spam folder. Some email providers may filter 2FA emails into the spam folder even if you've provided the correct email address. Check your spam folder to see if the emails are there. If you find an email from the service you're using for 2FA, mark it as "Not spam" or move it to your inbox. This will help your email provider learn that emails from that service are not spam and should be delivered to your inbox in the future.
  3. Whitelist the domain. Another way to ensure that emails from the service you're using for 2FA are delivered to your inbox is to add the domain to your email provider's whitelist. Whitelisting is a way to mark emails from trusted sources as safe so they don't get filtered into the spam folder. For example, if you're using for 2FA, you can whitelist the domain to ensure the emails are delivered to your inbox.
  4. Check the 'blocked senders' list. Some email providers allow you to block specific senders, and if you've accidentally added the service you're using for 2FA to the 'blocked senders' list, you won't receive the emails. Check your email provider's blocked senders list to see if the service is blocked, and if it is, remove it from the list.
  5. Contact support If you've tried all the above solutions and you're still not receiving 2FA emails, it's time to contact support. The support team can help you troubleshoot the issue and ensure emails are sent to the correct email address. They can also help you whitelist the domain or provide alternative solutions to receive 2FA codes.
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