Poker Client - Play Money - FAQ & Summary

What is 'Play Money' Poker?

Play Money is a free in-client currency used to play GGPoker games against other 'Play Money' players. It has no value and cannot be bought or traded. But will allow you to try many of the games and features we have here at GGPoker without having to make a deposit.

Why have GGPoker introduced 'Play Money'?

'Play Money' has its place in the poker world some of the reasons are listed below

  • To attract new players curious about poker but have never played online before.
  • New players can learn the basics of the game and practice their skills.
  • To try out new strategies or experiment with different types of poker games.
  • As a fun and entertaining experience for players who want to play poker.
  • To provide a way for players to socialize and connect with other poker enthusiasts from around the world.
  • It showcases the features and functionality of GGPoker and why our software has won multiple awards and made us the world's biggest poker room.
  • To create a community of loyal players.

What games will be available in 'Play Money'?

At launch, the following games will be available.

  • No Limit Hold'em
  • Pot Limit Omaha, including PLO-5
  • Rush & Cash - Hold'em and Omaha tables
  • All-in or Fold - Hold'em and Omaha tables
  • Spin & Gold

How do I get 'Play Money' chips?

  • All new players will be given an initial amount of 20,000 Play Money Chips upon sign up
  • Existing players can claim Play Money Chips from Settings > My Wallet > Play Money Chips or any Play Money table. 

Are there any rules regarding how many 'Play Money' chips I can claim?

You can win as many Play Money chips as your opponents will lose to you, however there are some rules about how many Play Money chips you can claim from GGPoker

  • 4 hours must have passed since you last claimed Play Money chips
  • Players can only make 2 claims for Play Money chips in a single day
  • If all the above rules are met, Players can claim 10,000 Play Money chips

Can I buy or transfer Play Money chips?

No, GGPoker has decided that all Play Money activities will be free of charge to all players, so we will not be selling Play Money. Also, as players are free to claim more chips, we will not be allowing the transfer of Play Money chips between players

Can Play Money chips be used to buy into Real Money events, or do they have any value?

No, Play Money is there for people to try out GGPoker without committing any real money to a game. Play Money is only for entertainment and educational purposes and has no monetary value.

What are the Buy-ins for Play Money tables and is there any rake?

Buy-ins are listed below, as we want your experience to mimic Real Money poker, there is a rake structure for Play Money chips, again, this is listed below.

Will there be 'Play Money' Tournaments?

Currently, we do not offer tournaments with Play Money buy-in, however, this may be something we offer in the future.

Can I review the hands that I play using 'Play Money' or see my history in Pokercraft?

No, Pokercraft records will not be kept for any hands played with Play Money nor will you be able to retrieve a record of your play.

Will the same features be available on Play Money tables as real money tables?

Yes, lots of the great features that GGPoker is famous for will be available, but any promotional features such as Jackpots or EV cashout, will not be available on Play Money tables.

Are Play Money chips refundable if there is a technical issue?

No, as Play Money is for entertainment purposes only and Play Money chips cannot be purchased or redeemed in any way, GGPoker will not entertain any refund claims in relation to Play Money chips.

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