GGMasters - Overlay Edition - What is the GGMasters Overlay Edition?

GGMasters Overlay Edition was a special version of the flagship GGMasters tournament. It featured a guaranteed prize pool of $10m and a sure overlay. The final overlay for the tournament was just over $1M.

It allowed players to win more money than a standard tournament and adds extra value to their buy-in. The GGMasters Overlay Edition was a popular event for recreational and professional players, as it offered a high-stakes tournament experience with the potential for substantial rewards.

Also, as the GGMasters is a freezeout tournament, players cannot gain an advantage by having super deep pockets and rebuying constantly. Players were permitted one entry per Day 1 event (maximum 9 entries in total)

Eligible tickets were transferred into T$ on Thursday, March 2nd.

If you have any queries relating to the GGMasters Overlay Edition please contact your local support inbox

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