GGMillion$ - GGM$ Leaderboard (2023)

We're taking GGMillion$ to even greater heights in 2023 with the newly created GGM$ Leaderboard.

How is the GGM$ Leaderboard calculated?

The ranking is calculated based on win/loss earnings in GGMillion$ events.

How long does the GGM$ Leaderboard accumulate?

The ranking period is for 2023, ending with the last GGMillion$ event in December 2023.

What prizes does the GGM$ Leaderboard award?

Top players will receive:

  • Super Platinum Level which awards 100% Fish Buffet Cashback
  • Special GG Avatar of your choosing

Will other prizes be awarded?

Further benefits will be revealed throughout 2023.

Will the GGM$ Leaderboard include Live events?

Yes, GGMillion$ will be expanding to live events around the world - starting with Triton Vietnam on March 1st, 2023.

Where can I find the GGM$ Leaderboard?

On our webpage linked here

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Players must be aged 18+, 19+, or 21+, depending on jurisdiction, to participate in this tournament.
  2. To be eligible for GGM$ Leaderboard rewards and privileges, players must participate in a minimum of 5 events during the year.
  3. By participating in GGM$ Leaderboard players agree to GGPoker's use of all content created therein.
  4. Please note that prize pools and guarantees are subject to change and some amounts listed on this website may not be current; please check the guarantee amounts listed in the tournament lobby of the GGPoker app for up-to-date prize pool information.
  5. GGPoker reserves the right to modify or suspend this promotion at any time.
  6. If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, GGPoker has the right to investigate and remove the players once confirmed.
  7. This tournament's terms and conditions are subject to the site terms and conditions, which can be found here.

GGPoker standard rules apply. Play Responsibly.

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