Tickets - Ticket Redeem Feature

From 20 January 2023 a new feature allowing selected tickets to be automatically redeemed for C$/T$ has been introduced to GGPoker.

  • If your ticket has a 'redeem' value, this will be displayed in the tickets section of the GGPoker client.
  • If allowed to expire, the ticket will automatically convert to the stated redeem value at the time of ticket expiration. Note this will usually be less than the value state on the ticket
  • Tickets with no stated redeem value must be used in gameplay as they will expire.
  • Tickets won via gameplay in pay-to-enter satellites and express satellites will usually have a redemption value.
  • Tickets obtained in promotions such as giveaways, freerolls, random draws or other on-site promotions will only sometimes have a redemption value and if they are irredeemable must be used or they will expire.
  • Tickets will only be converted upon expiry, players cannot choose to redeem tickets early.
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