Tournaments - Why does GGPoker not have old style Sit & Go tournaments?

We get asked this from time to time, mainly by people who have played online poker for a long time.

At the birth of online poker back in the mid-2000's Sit & Go was one of the first formats to establish itself in the online game. It was quick to play, easy to understand, and events were 'on demand' 

However, as online poker has evolved, the popularity of this format has steadily decreased. To the point that other poker sites are now reducing their offering and removing some formats entirely

The main reason for this decline is the emergence of more fun-to-play formats, Spin & Gold, Rush & Cash, Bounty Hunters & even modern innovations like Mystery Bounty. In today's online poker world, it's not enough to provide a table and assume people will show up and play.

We have our own GGPoker take on this old format with our Battle Royale games and All In Or Fold Sit & Go also you can play Spin & Gold games with 6 players as well as 3, so you can still get your fix of 'on demand' poker, should that be your thing.

So, will GGPoker ever reintroduce 'old style' Sit & Go? It's improbable. GGPoker is proud to look forward, innovate and grow the game we all love. Looking back to the past is unlikely to achieve this.

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