Customer Support - Live Chat - Does GGPoker have a Live Chat service?

GGPoker does not currently have a Live Chat service available globally.

This isn't a decision we have taken lightly. After research, it was discovered there are only a small number of routine enquiries that a Live Chat service would be able to resolve quicker than other methods such as email, community support or these very help pages.
It is also a case of security. When dealing with Players' accounts, we need to ensure we are speaking to the account holder and not an imposter. This is why we only handle personal account queries via email support.

To give an example, personal queries may require input from other teams or persons who may not be in the same office or even timezone as a Live Chat operator (GGPoker has offices globally), meaning that a player waiting on a Live Chat service to resolve an account issue may be waiting for a long time, or need to have a resolution relayed to them via email. neither of which is an excellent experience for a Live Chat service

Our extensive Help Pages contain thousands of articles and answers to pretty much every question that we have ever been asked if you can find something that's about a general feature that's not covered or a question about a GGPoker feature that isn't answered, we would like to hear from you!

You can join our global Reddit community, where hundreds of GGPoker players and moderators chat daily. just head to this link -

If your query is account-specific, please feel free to email us. You can find email addresses for our support teams here

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