Hotkeys - What Game Functions can be set as a Hotkey?

  • Toggle Alternative Currency - Switches your stack display between currency/chips & Big Blind.
  • Straddle - Performs a Straddle (where permitted).
  • Move Table - Requests that you leave this table and be assigned to a new one at the same buy-in level.
  • Tile Table - Activates the 'Tile Table' display, automatically arranging your tables on the screen In a tiled layout.
  • Cascade Table - Activates the 'Cascade Table' display, which will arrange tables on the screen in a cascade layout.
  • Sit Out Next Hand - Sits you out when the current hand is finished on the active table.
  • Sit Out Next Blind - Sits you out the next time you are due to pay either the Big Blind or Small Blind on the active table.
  • Rabbit Hunt - Activates the 'Rabbit Hunt' Feature when offered to you. 
  • Time Bank - Activates any timebank you have set to be manually activated.
  • Hand History - Opens the 'Hand History' Log
  • Add Chips - Opens the dialogue box to add chips to your stack.
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