Hotkeys - What table actions can be set as a Hotkey?

  • Fold / Fold to any bet - This will fold your hand when it is your turn to act
  • Check / Call - If no one to act before you has bet/raised and you have the option to check, you can use this to check. If there is action before you, you can use this to call. 
  • Bet / Raise - Using this will bet/raise the minimum amount on the table. For example, if there is no action before you, using this hotkey will make a bet of 1 big blind. If there is a bet/raise before your turn to act, using this will make the minimum raise
  • Select Bet Amount (Button 1/2/3/4) - Selects any of your 4 custom bet buttons for use when betting/raising, which can be combined with the Bet/Raise Hotkey.
  • New Hand (Rush & Cash) - Moves you to the next hand in Rush & Cash formats.
  • Select Bet Amount & Bet (Button 1/2/3/4) - Selects one of your 4 custom buttons for betting/raising and will execute this action. Similar to Select Bet Amount hotkey but combines both in a single action.
  • Bet/Raise All In - Puts you 'All in' in games where you can do this. For example, this may not be available in Pot Limit or Limit games
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