Platinum Fish Buffet - Can I switch from Platinum Rank to Fish Buffet?

Yes, you can always switch back to the regular Fish Buffet to try for a higher level. Any remaining Fish Points will be exchanged at the Platinum Rank level upon making the move. It may take up to 5 minutes before these rewards are placed in your account balance.

Example: A Platinum Fish will start at Bronze Shrimp. The player had 10,000 FPs at the time of the switch. The FPs will be exchanged to $20 in cash and the player will start at Bronze Shrimp at 0 FPs.

Note: You will NOT be able to switch back to Platinum Rank for a period of time equivalent to the time limit of the new Bronze rank. (e.g. If you switch from Platinum Fish to Bronze Shrimp, you will not be able to return to Platinum Fish for 15 days.)
Note 2: For days when there is scheduled downtime of the service an extra 24 hours is added to both Fish Buffet levels and Platinum Rank levels to allow players a fair time to complete them.

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