Platinum Fish Buffet - I accidentally switched from Platinum Fish Buffet to Fish Buffet

Please note on the dedicated webpage: that a penalty period is invoked when you leave Platinum Rank to go back to Fish Buffet.

It states: You will NOT be able to switch back to Platinum Rank for a period of time equivalent to the time limit of the new Bronze rank (e.g. If you switch from Platinum Fish to Bronze Shrimp, you will not be able to return to Platinum Fish for 15 days)

Note: A player switching to Whale or Octopus must wait a minimum of 30 days before being eligible to switch back to Platinum Ranks.

Note 2: For days when there is scheduled downtime of the service an extra 24 hours is added to both Fish Buffet levels and Platinum Rank levels to allow players a fair time to complete them.

Note 3: A switch from Platinum Rank to Fish buffet requires multiple confirmations and cannot be overturned by Customer service under any circumstances.

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