All In Fortune - FAQ and Summary

What Is All In Fortune?

All In Fortune is a side game played during selected All In Or Fold every time a player goes All In, they will have a chance to win a prize from the All In Fortune.

How do I become eligible to win at All In Fortune?

Every time you play All-In or Fold and go All-In, you have a chance to win a prize.

How often will the All In Fortune payout?

The odds of winning are approximately 2% each time the All In Fortune feature is activated.

Where did All In Or Fold Bingo go?

All In Fortune replaced All In Or Fold Bingo in selected games on 16 December 2022 and entirely on 20 January 2023

How is the All In Fortune promotion funded?

A fee of 0.05BB will be taken for each hand; this will be added to the All In Fortune pot.

What prizes can I win?

Prizes are between 0.3% and 3% of the pot for that blind level, although there is a special 'Mega Fortune' prize.To see the prizes on offer click on the All In Fortune Pot beside the table 

I won! How do I get paid?

Your prize will be added to your table balance in cash. You can continue to play from here, or you can remove it from the table and add it to your account balance.

Are there any requirements other than just going 'All in'?

No, every time you go All In, you will have a chance at a prize.

Does my hand have to go to a showdown to be in with a chance to win at 'All in Fortune'?

No, Once you go all-in, you are automatically in with a chance of winning a prize.

What currency is All in Fortune winnings credited in?

All prizes from All in Fortune will be paid in Cash.

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