Splash - FAQ and Summary

What is Splash or Splashes?
Splash is a fun way to express your anger or respect for an opponent. 

How do Splashes work?
If you are playing in a hand and you trigger a specific set of conditions, you will be given the opportunity to use a 'Splash' against your opponent. 

What Splashes are available?
There are four unique Splashes, all with their own specific conditions for activation.

  • Water Bucket
  • Egg
  • Smokescreen
  • Boxing Gloves

How do I initiate a Splash?
When the Splash icons appear, click on which one you wish to use, and the Splash will auto-trigger.

What happens when I use a 'Splash'?
The person you use the Splash against will see the animation and, depending on the Splash used, will have some effects on their screen for a short time.

If someone uses a Splash on me, can I remove the animation from my screen?
Yes, clicking on the animation or tapping the screen on mobile will remove the animation.

Can I stop other players from throwing Splashes at me?
Yes, by putting yourself in 'Helmet Mode', you will be immune from being Splashed.
For more details on 'Helmet Mode', please see our article here - Helmet Mode.

Does being in Helmet Mode prevent me from Splashing my opponents?
Yes, the Helmet blocks Splashes from being used by you and against you.

Can I Splash the whole table at once?
No, Splash can only be used against a single opponent.

Can I pick who gets Splashed?
No, the Splash will be directed automatically at your opponent in the hand.

What are the triggers to be able to use a Splash?
The triggers vary from game to game but usually, it involves losing a sizable pot.
Splashes will be offered automatically when the conditions are met.

Can I turn this feature off permanently?
No, currently the only way to block Splashes is by applying 'Helmet Mode.'

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