Bet on Flop - FAQ Summary

What is Bet on Flop?
Bet on Flop is a side-betting game in which you guess the three flop cards.

What games feature Bet on Flop?
Bet on Flop is available in

  • Hold'em
  • VIP Games (Hold'em)
  • Tournaments (NLHE)
  • AoF Hold'em

What is the minimum/maximum bet?
Bets are limited to 1BB or $0.10 (whichever is larger)
The maximum bet is 100BB.

What types of betting are available?
You can bet on the following flop textures

  • Triple - 3 cards of the same rank (7h, 7d, 7s)
  • Straight Flush - Three sequential cards of the same suit (Ts, Js, Qs)
  • Straight - Three sequential cards not of the same suit (7s, 8h, 9d)
  • Flush - Three cards of the same suit, not in sequence (Ah, 7h, 9h)
  • Pair - Two cards of the same rank (9h, 9d, 4s)
  • 3 Red cards - All three cards are red [Hearts/Diamonds] (4h, 7d, Kh)
  • 3 Black cards - All three cards are black [Spades/Clubs] (4s, 7c, Ks)
  • 2 Red cards - Two cards are red [Hearts/Diamonds] (Jh, 9d, 7s)
  • 2 Black cards - Two cards are black [Spades/Clubs] (As, 9h, 3c)

When can I place a bet?
Bets are allowed until the Flop cards are revealed.

There are 9 different types of Bet on Flop bets you can make.
The bet types and payout odds are shown in the below image

What happens when hands are ran multiple times?
If the board is RIMT (run it multiple times), only the first run is considered for the Bet on Flop bet.

Who can participate in the Bet on Flop side game?
Only players who are participating in the active pot can place bets.

Can I turn off Bet on Flop?
No, it is not possible to turn off Bet on Flop.

Why can I not see this side game?
If Bet on Flop is not available, please ensure you are active at the table first.
If still not available, please contact us by email as it may not be available in your region.

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