Next Hand Roulette - Game Rules

  • Only players sitting at the table can place bets.
  • Betting is from the moment you sit down until the next hand is revealed.
  • The betting process is linked to the game progress on the table.
  • If the next hand does not immediately start due to sit-outs or table leaves, bets will be cancelled.
  • There are two types of bets:
    • Inside Bets, which are bet freely on numbers and the coloured pattern areas.
    • Outside Bets: which are prop bets on specific outside areas.
  • Betting items and payouts vary depending on the target game type.
  • Your Balance is updated when you open the Roulette panel UI and when you settle.
  • Bets may be cancelled if your balance is too low or if you join another buy-in on another table.
  • You can check your hand history and the results of your bets.
  • If you have C$ or T$, these will be used preferentially when placing bets.
    • In the case of Cash Games, C$ will be used.
    • In the case of Tournaments or Spin & Gold, T$ will be used.
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