Bounty Jackpot - Frequently Asked Questions - Summary

What is the Bounty Jackpot?
Bounty Jackpot is the latest innovation from GGPoker. Enter any eligible Bounty Tournament or Battle Royale game, knock a player out, and you are in with a chance to win a Bounty Jackpot worth up to $1 million!

What events/games will be eligible for the Bounty Jackpot?
Any Bounty tournament or Battle Royale game. There are a few exceptions where Bounty Jackpot is not awarded. These are Mystery Bounty events, events with a buy-in of $500 or more and any event branded by one of our partners, for example, WSOP events

How will I know if the tournament I'm playing is eligible?
Look for the Bounty Jackpot symbol in the tournament lobby. If it is there, you are in with a chance! All Battle Royale games are included in the Bounty Jackpot promotion

How is the Bounty Jackpot pool accumulated?
A set fee will be paid when buying into an eligible tournament.
How often will the Bounty Jackpot be won?
The awarding of Bounty Jackpots is completely random. However, it's around 1 Bounty Jackpot for every 1000 knockouts

What happens to the funds awarded by the Bounty Jackpot?
It will be paid as cash directly into your GGPoker account. If you have sold some of your tournament action via our staking platform, then your backers will share in your good fortune!

What is the Mega Bounty?
This is the top prize that is awarded by the Bounty Jackpot promotion and ranges from $10,000 to a cool $1 million!

How much is the fee that is taken to add to the Bounty Jackpot pool
This is a set amount that is determined by the buy-in fee of the event you are playing. The higher the buy-in, the higher the fee, and the higher the possible Bounty Jackpot

USD events

CNY / Zodiac Events

What is the biggest Bounty Jackpot I can win?
The top Bounty Jackpot prize is $1 million!

Does it matter how I entered the tournament? Will I still be eligible to win the Bounty Jackpot?
The Bounty Jackpot will pay out regardless of how you entered the event, Cash, T$, Ticket or Satellite Entry.

I sold some of my tournament action via the staking platform. Does my backer(s) get a share of the Bounty Jackpot if I win?
Yes, As the Bounty Jackpot is part of your earnings from the tournament, your backers will share in your good fortune

I bought action from a player via the staking platform. If they win a Bounty Jackpot, will I get a share?
Yes, If your horse wins a Bounty Jackpot, you receive a share depending on the percentage you purchased.

If I knock more than one player out in a hand, do I get 2 chances to win a Bounty Jackpot?
Yes, each time you knock out a player and win a bounty, you get a chance to win a Bounty Jackpot

If I win a tournament, do I get 2 chances to win a Bounty Jackpot as I win my Bounty as well?
No, You get a chance for each player you knock out, However, you can still win a Bounty Jackpot by winning the tournament

Will I be informed if I do not win a Bounty Jackpot?
No, The game will just continue as normal. If you are successful in winning a Bounty Jackpot, there will be an animation on the table to tell you how much you have won!

Are there any Bounty events where the Bounty Jackpot is not awarded?
Certain tournaments will be excluded, including Mystery Bounty events and events that are in conjunction with our partners, eg WSOP. It will state clearly in the lobby that Bounty Jackpot is not awarded for these events

Does the Bounty Jackpot change depending on the buy-in of the event I am playing?
You win a percentage of the Bounty Jackpot prize pool, so the buy-in for the event will determine how much of the pool you receive. The Mega Bounty Jackpot is a fixed amount based on the buy-in of the event

I've won a Bounty Jackpot. What are my chances of winning each Jackpot amount?
Can I opt out of playing the Bounty Jackpot promotion?
No. All players that enter a Bounty Jackpot eligible event on GGPoker will automatically participate in the promotion

Is there a separate Bounty Jackpot fund for the Mega Bounty?
No, all Bounty Jackpot deductions and all Bounty Jackpot payouts are made and come from the same pool, 
In the unlikely event that the Jackpot pool does not cover the amount of a Mega Bounty payout, GGPoker will make up the difference between the pool amount and the Mega Jackpot payout and the pool will begin to accumulate again from zero.

Do GGPoker take a rake on the amount I contribute to the Bounty Jackpot pool?
No, 100% of your contribution goes into the pool. GGPoker does not take any rake on contributions or payouts

What are the Terms & Conditions for the Bounty Jackpot?

Terms & Conditions

  • Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this promotion
  • The promotion terms and conditions are subject to the site terms and conditions
  • Some tournaments may be excluded due to various circumstances. Please check the Tournament lobby for up-to-date information on participating tournaments
  • If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, GGPoker has the right to investigate and remove the players
  • GGPoker reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time
  • GGPoker standard rules apply

Play Responsibly.

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