Withdrawal After a Transfer

Withdrawal transactions requested after transfers are restricted thus will be subject to decline.

You need to possess sufficient game-play records to reflect that the intent of transfer was for game-play purposes.

The transaction may get reviewed and only facilitate the amount minus the transferred funds.

Provided is what is reflected on our web page: https://ggpoker.com/withdrawal-policy/

GGPoker’s player transfer feature is intended to help players fund their accounts so that they can play at our tables. Transfer funds should come from winnings, and for security reasons, players are restricted from withdrawing transferred funds that originated directly from deposits or other transfers.

The player transfer feature has been designed to enable players to fund their accounts so that they can play at GGPoker tables; due to fraud prevention and anti-money laundering measures, GGPoker needs to be particularly diligent when monitoring player transfers, which all players should appreciate.

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